Resource page of the Hot-wiring the Transient Universe Community

This site aims to provide "one-stop shopping" for all things related to the astronomical time domain, including meetings, space missions, robotic telescopes, synoptic surveys, data archives, transient event brokers, computational techniques related to time series, software, etc., as well as mailing lists and other online time domain forums. The focus is on capturing the richness of time domain content. We anticipate in the future that the long lists below will be reformatted as a heirarchy of separate pages, likely curated by different individuals. The origin of this page was a proposal to form a new IAU Commission on Time Domain Astronomy. In the absence of such a commission, the Hotwired community will provide a good home.

The series of workshops titled "Hot-wiring the Transient Universe" date back almost a decade as a collaboration between the VOEvent working group and the Heterogeneous Telescope Networks consortium, and building on the successful 2006 workshop Transient Universe: Popular, Not so Popular & Knowable Unknowns.



Time Domain Astronomy Blogs and Mailing Lists

The burgeoning astronomical time domain encourages a diversity of communication channels, including general and topical mailing lists. Let us know of others not yet listed here that you find useful.

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This is an annotated list of links to future meetings, past proceedings and presentations, time domain preprints of general interest, space and ground-based projects and missions, ongoing and archived synoptic survey data sets, transient alert brokers, networks of robotic follow-up telescopes, software for time-series analysis, classification (etc), pertinent standards and protocols, and generally web services, online media and any other resources that will tie the astronomical community together to help create a coherent engine for addressing time domain science use cases of all sorts.

Future Symposia and Workshops

    Just a few of many past meetings

  1. Hot-wiring the Transient Universe V, 10-14 October 2016, Villanova, PA
  2. LSST 2016 Project & Science Workshop, 15-19 August 2016, Tucson, AZ
  3. Supernovae through the ages: understanding the past to prepare for the future, 9-13 August 2016, Easter Island, Chile
  4. Exoplanets I Conference, 3-8 July 2016, Davos, Switzerland
  5. SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation, 26 June - 1 July 2016, Edinburgh, Scotland
  6. The Science of Time: Time in Astronomy & Society, Past, Present and Future, 5-9 June 2016, Cambridge, MA
  7. The Transient Sky, The Ninth Harvard-Smithsonian Conference on Theoretical Astrophysics, 16-19 May 2016, Cambridge, MA
  8. International workshop on scientific use, digitization and preserving astronomical photographic records, 14-18 March 2016, Prague, Czech Republic
  9. Sixth Gaia Science Alerts Workshop 10-13 Nov 2015, Liverpool, UK
  10. XXVII Canary Islands Winter School of Astrophysics - High Time Resolution Astrophysics, 9-20 Nov 2015, Tenerife, Spain
  11. Sixth International Fermi Symposium, 2-6 Nov 2015, Washington, DC
  12. K2 Science Conference, 2-5 November 2015, Santa Barbara, CA
  13. Time Domain Astrophysics with Swift, 19-21 Oct 2015, Clemson, SC
  14. Fourth Workshop on Robotic Autonomous Observatories, 28 Sep - 2 Oct 2015, Malaga, Spain
  15. Science with BRITE-Constellation, 14-18 Sep 2015, Sobieszewo, Poland
  16. iPTF Summer School, 24-28 Aug 2015, Pasadena, CA
  17. LSST Observing Strategy Workshop (OpSim datasets for 2nd Cadence Workshop), 20-22 Aug 2015, Bremerton, WA
  18. La Serena School for Data Science Applied Tools for Astronomy, 15-22 Aug 2015, La Serena, Chile
  19. IAU XXIX GA FM13: Brightness Variations of the Sun and Sun-like Stars, 5-6 Aug 2015, Honolulu, HI

  20. Paving the way to simultaneous multiwavelength astronomy, 13-17 Jul 2015, Leiden, The Netherlands
  21. Timing Compact Objects in the Multi-Messenger Era, special session of EWASS 2015, 22-26 Jun 2015, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
  22. CHaracterising ExOPlanet Satellite (CHEOPS) Science Workshop #3, 17-19 Jun 2015, Madrid, Spain
  23. Kepler/TESS Asteroseismic Science Consortium (KASC8/TASC1) Workshop, 15-19 Jun 2015, Aarhus, Denmark
  24. Autonomous Spacecraft Navigation, 8-11 Jun 2015, Bonn, Germany
  25. 2nd Planetary Data Workshop, 8-10 Jun 2015, Flagstaff, AZ, USA
  26. Hot-wiring the Transient Universe IV, 12-15 May 2015, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
  27. Tools for Astronomical Big Data, 9-11 Mar 2015, Tucson, AZ, USA
  28. Ground and space observatories: a joint venture to planetary science, 2-5 Mar 2015, Santiago, Chile

  29. LSST & NOAO Observing Cadences Workshop 11-14 Aug 2014, Phoenix, AZ
  30. International Asteroid Warning Network Steering Group 13-14 Jan 2014, Cambridge, MA
  31. Hot-wiring the Transient Universe I-III (2007, 2009, 2013)
  32. Supernova Environmental Impacts, IAU Symposium 296, 7-11 Jan 2013, Kolkata, India
  33. LSST's Community Follow-up for Transient Events, 14 Aug 2012, Tucson, AZ, USA
  34. Gamma Ray Bursts in the Era of Rapid Follow-up 18-22 Jun 2012, Liverpool, UK
  35. New Horizons in Time Domain Astronomy, IAU Symposium 285, 19-23 Sep 2011, Oxford, UK
  36. NOAO's Eventful Universe, 17-20 Mar 2010, Tucson, AZ, USA
  37. Transient Universe: Popular, Not so Popular & Knowable Unknowns, 13-14 Mar 2006, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Papers and Preprints

Working groups and other subcommunities of the time domain may curate topical reading lists of the current literature as well as foundational resources. A few examples, sorted by date:

    November 2016

  1. preprint: Astronomical Catalogs for Locating Gravitational-wave Events, K. Li & R. Williams (2 Nov 2016)

    October 2016

  2. preprint: On the detectability of solar-like oscillations with the NASA TESS mission, T. L. Campante, et. al. (2016-10-20)
  3. preprint: Highlights from the VERITAS AGN Observation Program, W. Benbow, et. al. (2016-10-12)
  4. preprint: Data preparation for asteroseismology with TESS, M. Lund, et. al. (2016-10-09)
  5. preprint: Results from the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope, M. Spurio, et. al. (2016-10-07)
  6. preprint: Transient Events in Archival Very Large Array Observations of the Galactic Center, A. Chiti, et. al. (2016-10-03)

    September 2016

  7. preprint: First results of the Test-Bed Telescopes (TBT) project: Cebreros telescope commissioning, F. Ocana, et. al. (2016-09-26)
  8. preprint: Time-dependent search for neutrino emission from x-ray binaries with the ANTARES telescope, A. Albert, et. al. (2016-09-23)
  9. preprint: Transient Classification in LIGO data using Difference Boosting Neural Network, N. Mukund, et. al. (2016-09-23)
  10. preprint: The Zadko Telescope: Exploring the transient Universe, D.M. Coward, et. al. (2016-09-21)

    August 2016

  11. preprint: NEOPROP: a NEO Propagator for Space Situational Awareness, V. Zuccarelli, et. al. (2016-08-31)
  12. preprint: Dynamics of asteroids and near-Earth objects from Gaia Astrometry, D. Bancelin, et. al. (2016-08-29)
  13. preprint: Near-Earth asteroids orbit propagation with Gaia observations, D. Bancelin, et. al. (2016-08-29)
  14. preprint: The Remote Observatories of the Southeastern Association for Research in Astronomy (SARA), W. Keel, et. al. (2016-08-22)
  15. preprint: Robo-AO Kitt Peak: Status of the system and deployment of a sub-electron readnoise IR camera to detect low-mass companions, M. Salama, et. al. (2016-08-09)

    July 2016

  16. preprint: The DECam Minute Cadence Survey I, C. Belardi, et. al. (2016-07-29)

    June 2016

  17. preprint: The Dawn of Multi-Messenger Astronomy, M. Santander (2016-04-30)
  18. preprint: The Rapid Transient Surveyor, C. Baranec, et. al. (2016-04-23)
  19. preprint: Instruments on large optical telescopes -- A case study, S. Kulkarni (2016-04-21)
  20. preprint: Liverpool Telescope follow-up of candidate electromagnetic counterparts during the first run of Advanced LIGO, C. M. Copperwheat, et. al. (2016-04-14)
  21. preprint: An Algorithm for Real-Time Optimal Photocurrent Estimation including Transient Detection for Resource-Constrained Imaging Applications, M. Zemcov, et. al. (2016-04-14)
  22. preprint: A DECam Search for an Optical Counterpart to the LIGO Gravitational Wave Event GW151226, P. S. Cowperthwaite, et. al. (2016-04-14)
  23. preprint: The 4 Pi Sky Transient Alerts Hub, T. D. Staley & R. Fender (2016-04-12)
  24. preprint: A Fast Algorithm for Finding Point Sources in the Fermi Data Stream: FermiFAST, A. Ashathaman, et. al. (2016-04-10)
  25. preprint: Arrival time differences between gravitational waves and electromagnetic signals due to gravitational lensing, R. Takahashi (2016-04-01)

    May 2016

  26. preprint: Remote Operations and Nightly Automation of The Red Buttes Observatory, D. H. Kasper, et. al. (2016-05-19)
  27. preprint: Compressed Sensing for Time-Frequency Gravitational Wave Data Analysis, P. Addesso, et. al. (2016-05-11)
  28. preprint: The Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope: Searching for Transiting Exoplanets in the Northern and Southern Sky, J. Soutter, et. al. (2016-05-09)
  29. preprint: Search for transient gravitational waves in coincidence with short duration radio transients during 2007-2013, B. P. Abbott, et. al. (2016-05-05)
  30. preprint: The first gravitational-wave burst GW150914, as predicted by the scenario machine, V.M. Lipunov, et. al. (2016-05-05)
  31. preprint: First Gravitational-Wave Burst GW150914: Part II. MASTER Optical Follow-Up Observations, V. M. Lipunov, et. al. (2016-05-05)
  32. preprint: How else can we detect Fast Radio Bursts?, M. Lyutikov & D. R. Lorimer (2016-05-05)

    April 2016

  33. preprint: Autonomous Dome for Robotic Telescope, A. Kumar, et. al. (2016-04-28)
  34. preprint: A Wide-Field Camera and Fully Remote Operations at the Wyoming Infrared Observatory, J. Findlay, et. al. (2016-04-08)

    March 2016

  35. ApJ preprint: New Discoveries from the Arecibo 327 MHz Drift Pulsar Survey Radio Transient Search, J. S. Deneva, et. al. (2016-03-02)
  36. Preprint: AST: A library for modelling and manipulating coordinate systems, David Berry, et. al. (2016-02-22)
  37. MNRAS preprint: Spectral Kurtosis Statistics of Transient Signals, Gelu M. Nita (2016-03-03)
  38. MNRAS preprint: The advantages of using a Lucky Imaging camera for observations of microlensing events, Sedighe Sajadian, et. al. (2016-03-02)
  39. ApJ preprint: Systematic errors in low latency gravitational wave parameter estimation impact electromagnetic follow-up observations, Tyson B. Littenberg, et. al. (2016-03-01)

    February 2016

  40. ApJL preprint: Localization and broadband follow-up of the gravitational-wave transient GW150914, B. P. Abbott, et. al. (2016-02-26)
  41. Preprint: High Energy Neutrinos from the Gravitational Wave event GW150914 possibly associated with a short Gamma-Ray Burst, Reetanjali Moharana, et. al. (2016-02-26)
  42. MNRAS preprint: Using the 2-MASS Photometric Redshift Survey to optimize LIGO Follow-Up Observations, Elisa Antolini, et. al. (2016-02-24)
  43. Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems preprint: The Speedster-EXD- A New Event-Driven Hybrid CMOS X-ray Detector, Christopher V. Griffith, et. al. (2016-02-24)
  44. Sci China-Phys Mech Astron preprint: Gravitational wave astrophysics, data analysis and multimessenger astronomy, Hyung Mok Lee, et. al. (2016-02-17)
  45. Preprint: High-energy Neutrino follow-up search of Gravitational Wave Event GW150914 with ANTARES and IceCube, ANTARES Collaboration, et. al. (2016-03-03)
  46. Preprint: Electromagnetic Afterglows Associated with Gamma-Ray Emission Coincident with Binary Black Hole Merger Event GW150914, Ryo Yamazaki, et. al. (2016-02-21)
  47. ApJ preprint: Fermi-LAT Observations of the LIGO event GW150914, Fermi-LAT collaboration (2016-02-23)
  48. Preprint: Implication of the association between GBM transient 150914 and LIGO Gravitational Wave event GW150914, Xiang Li, et. al. (2016-02-14)
  49. Preprint: A Dark Energy Camera Search for Missing Supergiants in the LMC After the Advanced LIGO Gravitational Wave Event GW150914, J. Annis, et. al. (2016-02-18)
  50. ApJL preprint: A Dark Energy Camera Search for an Optical Counterpart to the First Advanced LIGO Gravitational Wave Event GW150914, M. Soares-Santos, et. al. (2016-02-18)
  51. Preprint: On constraining the speed of gravitational waves following GW150914, Diego Blas, et. al. (2016-02-12)
  52. ApJL preprint: INTEGRAL upper limits on gamma-ray emission associated with the gravitational wave event GW150914, V. Savchenko, et. al. (2016-02-12)
  53. Preprint: Fermi GBM Observations of LIGO Gravitational Wave event GW150914, V. Connaughton, et. al. (2016-02-16)
  54. MNRAS Letters preprint: Swift follow-up of the Gravitational Wave source GW150914, P. A. Evans, et. al. (2016-02-15)
  55. Preprint: GW150914: Implications for the stochastic gravitational wave background from binary black holes, The LIGO Scientific Collaboration, et. al. (2016-02-11)
  56. Phys. Rev. Lett. preprint: Observation of Gravitational Waves from a Binary Black Hole Merger, The LIGO Scientific Collaboration, et. al. (2016-02-11)
  57. Preprint: GW150914: The Advanced LIGO Detectors in the Era of First Discoveries, The LIGO Scientific Collaboration, et. al. (2016-02-11)
  58. ApJL preprint: The Rate of Binary Black Hole Mergers Inferred from Advanced LIGO Observations Surrounding GW150914, B. P. Abbott, et. al. (2016-02-11)
  59. ApJL preprint: Astrophysical Implications of the Binary Black-Hole Merger GW150914, The LIGO Scientific Collaboration, et. al. (2016-02-11)
  60. Preprint: Calibration of the Advanced LIGO detectors for the discovery of the binary black-hole merger GW150914, The LIGO Scientific Collaboration, et. al. (2016-02-11)
  61. Preprint: Characterization of transient noise in Advanced LIGO relevant to gravitational wave signal GW150914, The LIGO Scientific Collaboration, et. al. (2016-02-16)
  62. Preprint: Observing gravitational-wave transient GW150914 with minimal assumptions, The LIGO Scientific Collaboration, et. al. (2016-02-11)
  63. Preprint: Properties of the binary black hole merger GW150914, The LIGO Scientific Collaboration, et. al. (2016-02-11)
  64. Preprint: GW150914: First results from the search for binary black hole coalescence with Advanced LIGO, The LIGO Scientific Collaboration, et. al. (2016-02-11)
  65. 34th International Cosmic Ray Conference Proceedings: Search for extragalactic astrophysical counterparts of IceCube neutrino events, Reetanjali Moharana, et. al. (2016-02-11)
  66. CQG preprint: The LSC Glitch Group : Monitoring Noise Transients during the fifth LIGO Science Run, L. Blackburn, et. al. (2008-07-14)
  67. Preprint: Bayesian Estimates of Astronomical Time Delays between Gravitationally Lensed Stochastic Light Curves, Hyungsuk Tak, et. al. (2016-02-03)
  68. Preprint: Comparing NEO Search Telescopes, Nathan Myhrvold (2016-02-01)

    January 2016

  69. Acta Astronomica preprint: Robust Filtering of Artifacts in Difference Imaging for Rapid Transients Detection, Jakub Klencki, et. al. (2016-01-23)
  70. Proceedings of the XXXVII Meeting of the Polish Astronomical Society: Real-time detection of transients in OGLE-IV with application of machine learning, Jakub Klencki, et. al. (2016-01-22)
  71. Science preprint: Real-time detection of an extreme scattering event: constraints on Galactic plasma lenses, Keith W. Bannister, et. al. (2016-01-22)
  72. Preprint: Resolving Microlensing Events with Triggered VLBI, M. Karami, et. al. (2016-01-21)
  73. Preprint: Real-Time Supernova Neutrino Burst Monitor at Super-Kamiokande, K. Abe, et. al. (2016-01-19)
  74. Future Generation Computer Systems preprint: Real-Time Data Mining of Massive Data Streams from Synoptic Sky Surveys, S. G. Djorgovski, et. al. (2016-01-18)
  75. MNRAS preprint: An analysis of feature relevance in the classification of astronomical transients with machine learning methods, Antonio D'Isanto, et. al. (2016-01-15)
  76. Preprint: Generation of a Supervised Classification Algorithm for Time-Series Variable Stars with an Application to the LINEAR Dataset, Kyle B Johnston, et. al. (2016-01-14)
  77. ApJ preprint: Rapidly Rising Transients from Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam Transient Survey, Masaomi Tanaka, et. al. (2016-01-11)
  78. MNRAS preprint: CHIMERA: a wide-field, multi-color, high-speed photometer at the prime focus of the Hale telescope, Harding, et. al. (11 Jan 2016)
  79. MNRAS preprint: Detecting Extrasolar Asteroid Belts Through Their Microlensing Signatures, Ethan Lake, et. al. (2016-01-12)
  80. Preprint: Proper image subtraction - optimal transient detection, photometry and hypothesis testing, Barak Zackay, et. al. (2016-02-10)
  81. AJ preprint: The Caltech-NRAO Stripe 82 Survey (CNSS) Paper I: The Pilot Radio Transient Survey In 50 deg$^2$, K. P. Mooley, et. al. (2016-01-07)
  82. PASA preprint: DESAlert: Enabling Real-Time Transient Follow-Up with Dark Energy Survey Data, A. Poci, et. al. (2016-01-05)
  83. ApJL preprint: Long-short GRBs within the horizon of the advanced LIGO/VIRGO network and Time lag between compact object coalescence and GRB onset, Xiang Li, et. al. (2016-01-02)
  84. Phys Rev D preprint: Bright Transients from Black Hole - Neutron Star Mergers, Daniel J. D'Orazio, et. al. (2015-12-31)

    December 2015

  85. Proceedings of ADASS XXV: The LSST Data Management System, Mario Juric, et. al. (2015-12-24)
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  88. AJ preprint: Automated Transient Identification in the Dark Energy Survey, D. A. Goldstein, et. al. (2015-12-21)
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  90. ApJ preprint: SN Refsdal : Photometry and Time Delay Measurements of the First Einstein Cross Supernova, S. A. Rodney, et. al. (2016-01-15)
  91. A&A preprint: The XXL Survey: I. Scientific motivations - XMM-Newton observing plan - Follow-up observations and simulation programme, M. Pierre, et. al. (2015-12-14)
  92. PASJ preprint: Swift/BAT and MAXI/GSC Broadband Transient Monitor, Takanori Sakamoto, et. al. (2015-12-09)
  93. A&A preprint: A Package for the Automated Classification of Periodic Variable Stars, Dae-Won Kim, et. al. (2015-12-08)
  94. Phys. Rev. D preprint: Rapid Bayesian position reconstruction for gravitational-wave transients, Leo P. Singer, et. al. (2016-01-15)
  95. ApJ preprint: The GMRT High Resolution Southern Sky Survey for pulsars and transients -I. Survey description and initial discoveries, Bhaswati Bhattacharyya, et. al. (2015-12-19)
  96. Preprint: Space-Time Reference with an Optical Link, Paul Berceau, et. al. (2015-12-07)
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  104. JCAP preprint: Search for correlations between the arrival directions of IceCube neutrino events and ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays detected by the Pierre Auger Observatory and the Telescope Array, The IceCube Collaboration, et. al. (2016-01-21)

    November 2015

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    September 2015

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Master list of Time Domain Surveys, Archives, Telescopes, Space Missions, ...

Essentially all astronomical resources are pertinent to the time domain. We will focus on curating a list of scientific and technical TDA resources balancing extremes of enduring interest versus immediate urgency, broad appeal versus specializations critical to the time domain. This initial list provides only a glimpe into the rich variety of ongoing and future TDA activities. Please help us fill any gaps.

Astronomical resources can be categorized in many different ways, e.g., by position along the EM spectrum (or gravitational waves, neutrinos, cosmic rays), space versus ground-based, observations versus theory or simulation, and areas of study from the solar system to cosmological distances. All of these apply to the time domain, but there is also often a common emphasis on systems engineering challenges from network engineering to time series analysis. Here we simply divide resources by the rough functional role they play in the time domain science workflow. Many could appear under several headings, however the lines are drawn. A goal will be to enable community workflows in which the contributions of multiple facilities and institutions to address a common science ambition are as efficient as tightly coupled dedicated projects within a single organization, but with the flexibility to adapt and grow as opportunities appear.

    Discovery - surveys and serendipity

  1. Automated Planet Finder (APF)
  2. All-Sky Automated Search for Supernovae (ASAS-SN)
  3. Australian SKA Pathfinder (ASKAP) Transients
  4. BRIght Target Explorer (BRITE)
  5. Catalina Sky Survey (CSS)
  6. ...and Catalina Real-Time Transient Survey (CRTS)
  7. Desert Fireball Network (DFN)
  8. Dark Energy Survey (DES)
  9. Deep Lens Survey (DLS) transients
  10. Evryscope ("wide-seeing") telescope (compare: "far-seeing")
  11. Exploring the X-ray Transient and variable Sky (EXTraS)
  12. Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope
  13. Gaia transient science
  14. ...and Gaia alerts (selected)
  15. Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescopes (KELT-North)
  16. ...and (KELT-South) with Follow-up partners
  17. Kepler Mission
  18. La Silla Quest Variability Survey
  19. LOFAR Transients (Key Project)
  20. Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST)
  21. Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO)
  22. MeerKAT's Large Survey Project on explosive radio transients (ThunderKAT)
  23. ...and real-time optical view of ThunderKAT's radio transient sky (MeerLICHT)
  24. Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT)
  25. Near-Earth Objects via the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (NEOWISE)
  26. OGLE-I to IV = Optical Gravitation Lensing Experiment
  27. Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System (Pan-STARRS)
  28. Pi of the Sky
  29. Palomar Transient Factory (PTF)
  30. Palomar-Quest Sky Survey (PQ)
  31. Sentinel Mission (B612)
  32. SkyMapper Southern Sky Survey and SkyMapper telescope
  33. Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-III)
  34. Spacewatch Project
  35. Square Kilometer Array (SKA) Radio Transients
  36. NASA Swift Mission
  37. Transneptunian Automated Occultation Survey (TAOS II)
  38. Vista Variables in the Via Lacteal (VVV) Survey
  39. VLA Low Band Ionospheric and Transient Experiment (VLITE)
  40. Zwicky Transient Factory (ZTF)

    Follow-up and research

  41. Burst Optical Observer and Transient Exploring System (BOOTES)
  42. CoRoT Mission (Convection, Rotation & planetary Transits)
  43. Localized GRBs
  44. Gamma-Ray Burst Optical/Near-infrared Detector (GROND)
  45. Gravitational wave Optical Transient Observatory (GOTO)
  46. Hubble Space Telescope Targets of Opportunity
  47. Liverpool Telescope
  48. Livermore Optical Transient Imaging System (Super-LOTIS)
  49. Monitoring Network of Telescopes (MONET)
  50. Neutron star Interior Composition ExploreR (NICER)
  51. Public ESO Spectroscopic Survey of Transient Objects (PESSTO)
  52. Panchromatic Robotic Optical Monitoring and Polarimetry Telescopes (PROMPT) - webcam
  53. Reionization and Transients IR/Optical Project (RATIR)
  54. Rapid Telescopes for Optical Response (RAPTOR)
  55. RoboNet Project - a microlensing search for cool planets
  56. Robotic Optical Transient Search Experiment (ROTSE)
  57. Nearby Supernova Factory (SNFactory)
  58. Project Solaris
  59. Wide Angle Search for Planets (SuperWASP)
  60. Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST)
  61. Whole Earth Blazar Telescope (WEBT)
  62. Young Stellar Object Variability (YSOVAR)

    Community and autonomous communication

  63. American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
  64. AAS Working Group on Time Domain Astronomy (WGTDA)
  65. Arizona-NOAO Temporal Analysis and Response to Events System (ANTARES)
  66. The Astronomer's Telegram
  67. Facebook Time Domain Astronomy group
  68. IAU Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (CBAT)
  69. IVOA Time Domain Interest Group (TDIG)

    Network infrastructure and systems engineering

  70. Comet VOEvent transport software
  71. ...and interoperating Dakota VOEvent tools
  72. eScience Telescopes for Astronomical Research (eSTAR) (legacy)
  73. Gamma-ray bursts Coordinates Network (GCN/TAN)
  74. Hungarian-made Automated Telescope Network (HATNet) Exoplanet Survey
  75. Hungarian-made Automated Telescope Network-South (HATSouth) Exoplanet Survey
  76. Heterogeneous Telescope Networks (HTN) (legacy)
  77. Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network (LCOGT)
  78. SkyAlert system (legacy)
  79. Skynet telescope network
  80. Trans-Atlantic Exoplanet Survey (TrES)
  81. ...incorporating the Stellar Astrophysics and Research on Exoplanets (STARE) Telescope (legacy)
  82. Supernova Early Warning System (SNEWS)
  83. VOEventNet prototype (legacy)

    Data archives and software tools

  84. Digital Access to a Sky Century at Harvard (DASCH)
  85. JPL Near Earth Object Sentry risks (NEO Risks)
  86. JPL HORIZONS Solar System data and ephemerides
  87. MACHO Project
  88. IAU Minor Planet Center (MPC)
  89. NASA Exoplanet Archive
  90. Planetary Data System (PDS)
  91. Anonymous VOEvent client for GCN/TAN notices (PyGCN)
  92. VOEvent 2.0 compliant Python VOEventLib
  93. WorldWide Telescope (OpenWWT)

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